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Alien Technology, Adapted For Use By Humans!!!

Learn How To Generate Your Own Electricity!!!

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The Govt Illegally Surveilled Our CEOs House With A Chopper!!!

It's Almost Like They're A Bunch of Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists Who Are Afraid of Their Own Citizens.

Spying on Private Citizens because they said the word Nephilim on a Conspiracy website

is Not Legal or Lawful, and is Treasonous Action Taken by The American Government Against

Its Own Citizens.
Treason Will Not Be Tolerated.

We Do Not Consent.

Due to Issues with Customs Agencies, involving packages being sent to the wrong addresses, instruction sheets mysteriously disappearing from orders during transit, and mysteriously broken Giza Units. We will no longer be accepting orders outside the United States.

Please visit  our Foreign Language Media page for DIY instructions in other languages.

Grey Aliens

Are Eating Human Bodies

Help Us Fight The Ongoing Alien Invasion

Make Your Own Towerbusters!!!

The Tapbuster 

As featured on Crrow777!

Instantly restructures the memory of water.

Tapbusters Conduct Electricity!

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The Rest Shield Skull

Improves & Enhances Sleep Patterns

Little Giza & Little Maya

This technology clears chemtrails from the sky 

The Torus Field Pendant

All Pendants.jpg

Protects the wearer from EMF Radiation

Pictures of Orgone stopping chemtrails!

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New Chembuster

Tezzla Pyramid.jpg


The Zapper

Removes Nanotechnology From Your Body


Tapbuster - Final Version_edited.jpg
All Pendants.jpg


Orgone Energy is a subtle energy that cannot be seen with the human eye. This energy has gone by many other names throughout history such as Chi, Prana, and Life Force.

This energy was most notably documented by a scientist named Wilhelm Reich in the 1920s and 1930s, but has also been used by many others such as Doctor Royal Rife and Nikola Tesla.

Our Orgone Devices are specifically created for water and air purification. Our customers notice an immediate shift of energy in their home environments. Their one time purchase eliminates all expenses of brita filters, electromagnetic frequency protectors, air purifiers, water softners, mineral supplementation, and more! 

Giza Trio 2020.jpg

Why Do You Need This Technology?

This is a picture of a bag of Sodium Fluoride, an ingredient in toothpaste, dentists' treatments, and municipal water systems everywhere.  This chemical has no known health benefits and in fact has been shown to cause cancer, infertility and lowering of IQ.


This chemical is being added to most, if not all of the United States drinking water supplies and bottled waters.  The Tapbuster Devices we sell remove all known toxins, including fluoride, from any water source. 

These devices produce lively, energy filled, structured water, without the aggressive process of reverse-osmosis and are conveniently portable.  Take them with you when you travel and never worry about the cleanliness of your water sources again!

Fluoride Dangers.jpeg

Geoengineering: A Secret War on Your Health!

We've all seen them.  They sometimes billow out before they disappear and can linger for days.  We've been lied to, told "These are condensation trails". This simply does not make sense.  The reason these trails can persist for so long, planes emitting them are infusing nano aluminum into our atmosphere, allegedly for weather modification. There are thousands of documentations proving this.  This is a blatent attack on our health by the cohorts of these sick programs.  Fortunately, we at PsionicMetaphysics have cracked the code with Little Giza & Little Maya!  Each unit produces a radius of pure blue sky.

Permanently protect your health and the health of your family with one of these devices in your own home. Simply set the device anywhere indoors.  This device uses internal electromagnets, powered by crystal energy sources, in a 3-D printed shell; with a 20 micron tolerance extrusion point.  This energy changes the molecular structure of particles in the sky. Get peace of mind from Geoengineering with Little Giza!

Red Maya 2020.jpg

FREE Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

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At PsionicMetaphysics, we care about environmentally friendly, affordable solutions for clean air and water, and do not seek to make our customers dependent on replacement filters, batteries, or conventional electricity. Together we can take our environment back!

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