Electromagnetic Radiation is a frequency that is emitted by all modern wireless technology. What you most likely haven't been told is that the frequency this technology uses is literally the exact same thing inside of a Microwave Oven. RF Microwaves cause cancer, insomnia, muscle spasms, weight gain, and many more adverse reactions in the majority of the population. Chances are you have some kind of health problems resulting from RF Microwave exposure but may not be aware that RF Microwaves have caused these issues.


Fortunately our Towerbuster is capable of changing the frequency of the microwave so that it is no longer a microwave. When one of these Towerbuster Devices is sat on top of or glued to wireless technology such as wifi, cell phones, smart meters, tablets,ect. Any technology you own using wifi, bluetooth, or wireless signals of any kind is emitting harmful RF microwave frequencies on a daily basis. One Towerbuster Device can transmute one single wireless device into a healing frequency generator. Or you can toss one outdoors within 1 mile of a 5G or cell phone tower and this will also transmute the frequency of one tower per device. 


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At PsionicMetaphysics, we care about environmentally friendly, affordable solutions for clean air and water, and do not seek to make our customers dependent on replacement filters, batteries, or conventional electricity. Together we can take our environment back!

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PsionicMetaphysics, 2020