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At PsionicMetaphysics, we care about environmentally friendly, affordable solutions for clean air and water, and do not seek to make our customers dependent on replacement filters, batteries, or conventional electricity. Together we can take our environment back!

Discord Tag: PsionicMetaphysics#9282

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PsionicMetaphysics, 2019

The Aquatrail Buster is an Orgone Energy Device designed specifically to combat the govts new, Aquatrail operations. This device is both Chembuster (Little Maya, Little Giza, ect.) technology and Tapbuster technology combined into a single, lightweight, efficient unit. When released into the ocean, this device will purify any portion of water it comes into contact with as well as molecularly rewriting the toxic nanotechnology in the Aquatrils into pure oxygen molecules.

The Aquatrail Buster

Color: Pink
  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product is NOT intended to cure or Treat ANY illnesses, and Misuse of this information is your own responsibility. Please consult your medical doctor before discontinuing any medications. No Returns or Exchanges. 

  • Simply release the device into the ocean from any beach or boat, once the device is in the ocean it will be carried by the currents forever and constantly work to fix the environment!