The Zapper

The Zapper is an Orgone Energy Device which uses combinations of Orgone, Magnetic, and Bioelectric Fields to electronically disable Morgellons Nanotechnology, which is found in Chemtrails and GMO Foods, as well as many other consumer products, such as deodorant, shaving cream, and mascara. This technology has the ability to mimic other forms of biology and is often misdiagnosed as other conditions such as fungal infections and cancer. In order to use the Device, either, point the tip of the device towards any morgellons sore, or, put the device into a small bucket of water, and put your feet or hands in the bucket. Then, either play the Audio Disc, included with the device, out loud, or use the digital frequency file, which can be found on our How To Make Orgone page.

The Zapper

  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product is NOT intended to cure or Treat ANY illnesses, and Misuse of this information is your own responsibility. Please consult your medical doctor before discontinuing any medications. Colors of Final Product May Vary. No Returns or Exchanges. 


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At PsionicMetaphysics, we care about environmentally friendly, affordable solutions for clean air and water, and do not seek to make our customers dependent on replacement filters, batteries, or conventional electricity. Together we can take our environment back!

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