Tabitha Alexander

"Your Little Giza Device is life changing! I don't quite get how it works, but ever since it has arrived, it has been infusing my home with  The good stuff  24/7! - PsionicMetaphysics  cracked the code with Little Giza! Pure wellness vibes and No More Chemtrails!"

- Lars Mentzoni

I have been using this ORMES for 2 months; and my skin is rejuvenating, I am feeling younger, and looking better. Love it! Love it! Love it! - Jodi Hart

"Just opened and airing out front. Checks in all directions today. Blue this morning full stripes now. I'll send pics as things change. Thank you! I'll be looking for nearest cell tower in the morning." -  Christine

"Ever since I got my Little Maya, I can see a big difference in my sky here in South Carolina. It's nice to know I have clean air." - Apryl Whitt

"Very nice! I feel different when not wearing pendant. Chemtrails are around but not directly over my house anymore. I think the water tastes different after adding those two Tapbusters to my main water line to the house. I can feel weird when near towers but not in my home with the Towerbusters." - Seth Holzy

"I have gone almost 3 weeks with no itching on legs after 3 years of this annoying plague.  Also, no other symptoms in at least 3 days which were just a crawling sensation on front torso (rare, intermittent and seldom).  I am grateful and relieved and will continue  pulsing daily.  I don't understand how this works but I have spent hundreds of dollars over the past 3 years on supplements, body care, drugs, essential oils, herbs, etc and nothing worked until this.  I read face book pages of all the suffering people and wish they could all have this instrument." - Stephanie Dutton


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At PsionicMetaphysics, we care about environmentally friendly, affordable solutions for clean air and water, and do not seek to make our customers dependent on replacement filters, batteries, or conventional electricity. Together we can take our environment back!

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